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Lately my spare time has been dedicated to experimenting with Gentoo. It has turned out to be a great learning experience about lower level computer software. I have also been spending time on learning some OpenGL which I plan to use to convert my Physics program into C++. This should allow it to run on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux ...) and it should receive a significant performance increase.

Version System

The version hierarchy I am using is as follows. Release updates will increment the x.0 digit, while Beta updates will increment the 0.xx digit. Everything else should be considered Alpha and possibly very unstable.

Release updates will occur when significant milestones have been reached and have undergone sufficient testing. These are the recommended choice for most people.

Beta updates will occur when I achieve a goal and have done some testing. These are recommended for people who are interested in current development or want a newer version to try.


During the later half of 2007 I spent time developing a 2D physics system. I wanted to gain experience with game physics so I could put these to use in any future projects. This turned out to be a very tricky project and has come a long way since my initial plans.

Currently this system is being translated into C++ code using OpenGL and SDL for graphics and window support; its target OS is Linux, as this is where it is developed, ports to Windows and Mac may occur. The system originally developed is available below.

This project was built using the git version control system. I highly recommended it to any developer who wants to try something new, I've never regretted switching to it and now I can't live without it.

There are two ways to interact with my repository: one uses git directly and the other uses gitweb, which is a web browser front end to the repository. Either way you'll have full access to my changes; keep in mind that the commit messages are mostly for myself as I am the only developer. Other then that feel free to look around.


If you are a fellow git user you can run the following command to get a copy of my git repository. "git clone git://".


You can also checkout snapshots of the repository using the following link to gitweb. It provides a full view of the underlaying version system. Supported compression formats are .tar.gz and .zip.



You need to have OpenGL (which is generally included with graphics drivers) and SDL. SDL is freely available here. For windows people you can simply download the Win32 Runtime Library and place the SDL.dll either in the folder with my run_physics.exe or in your C:\Windows\system32\ directory. Placing it with the exe will allow run_physics.exe to use the library, while placing it in system32 will allow any program to use the library.

Zee Old Physics

The newest physics system is available above. Currently, however; it is still lacking many features from the original physics system. Hence the newest version of the original system is provided below. (Windows only)

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