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My full name is Patrik Zygmunt Gornicz, and I am Polish. Both of my parents were born in Poland, traveled to Canada separately, and magically met in the little town of Elliot Lake.

I was born in Elliot Lake which is located in northwestern Ontario between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie with a population of approximately thirteen thousand. As the name suggests, the town has a nearby lake also named Elliot Lake - this makes it easy to enjoy water activities such as swimming and boating. My family owns a fair sized boat which allows us to enjoy water skiing and wake boarding with friends and family. All in all, Elliot Lake was a good town to grow up in but not a good town to start a career in.

Currently I am living in Waterloo attending the University of Waterloo in the BMath(CS) undergraduate co-op program. My current plans are to complete this program while gaining valuable experience from the various co-op placements I obtain. I am considering a PhD in computer science after I have obtained my Bachelor of Mathematics, but for now I plan to enjoy my CS courses and co-op placements.

Co-op Placements

My first two co-op placements where tutoring CS136 at the University. The first term the course included the language Scheme, which students knew because the precursor course CS135 dealt with it for the duration of its term, along with a transition to Java, which many students never dealt with before. The second term introduced extra complications as it was the first offering of the course transiting to C instead of Java. This required extra work on my part because the automated testing system did not support the language and I had to rewrite much of it to be more language independent. The two terms provided to be great learning experiences about the staff side of the university and allowed me to pass on knowledge to other students about topics I understand. They where two fulfilling terms.

My third co-op placement was a software developer for Sony Creative Software. Here I worked on a team of 15 developers, 3 of which were other co-ops, all of us working on the same media management project. Currently it has not been released and I can not provide more information about the product. However; I can say that the program is written in C++ and is part of a large code space. Here I gain invaluable practical experience in writing a real world application.


My publicly available resume can be found below. A copy of my University of Waterloo transcript can be requested via email.

Resume July09
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